Have you ever been offered a job on a golf course?

Not necessarily as Greenkeeper, but in any other industry?

How many interviews and offers take place outside of the office environment?

Should candidates now be expected to expect the unexpected?

Is this a fairway to interview? (see what we did there)

What if it’s raining? Do you still play the round of interview golf knowing you’re going to get soaked? Or as a committed all-weather golfer/interviewer/candidate do you invest in quality waterproof gear to ensure you stay dry until you play the 19th hole?

Dressing impeccably from head to toe, paying attention to details like polished shoes and a professional appearance are so important when meeting for an interview.

But just as waterproof gear protects a golfer from the rain, your interview preparation can shield you from a potential downpour of tricky questions.

With confidence and a well-prepared mindset, you’ll navigate the interview smoothly and dodge any shouts of ‘FORE!’, regardless of any unrehearsed questions that might put you off your game.

So as you navigate the putting green, discuss strategies and sink more putts, the other player (and remember, your potential employer) will be strategically observing not only your golf technique but also your composure under pressure.

Employers and Hiring Managers:

Is this a more realistic way to interview and find the person you need to join your business?

Does it give you the opportunity to see if their personality fits your existing team?

By showcasing not only golf skills and professional acumen, this unconventional interview method could promise to be a hole-in-one opportunity for finding your next colleague.

In 2023, there is still an assumption that interviews will to be held in an office with a desk between the Hiring Manager and the candidate. Should candidates now be raising their expectations to be interviewed and receive offers in more unconventional environments?

Is it par for the (golf) course that traditional interview techniques will remain or should Hiring Managers be using different interview methods and locations to get the best out of candidates?


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