How it all began…

Pimento Connection was established in 2005 by Cliff Allum, MBE

On leaving the British Army, Cliff wanted to create a better way for former service men and women to access second careers after resettlement. Pimento Connection was initially formed in a bar for friends and colleagues and the business has grown from strength to strength.

The name PIMENTO first was used in World War 2 in France by Cliff’s close friend and hero, Tony Brooks.

A fluent French speaker, Tony joined and operated as a member of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and, whilst still aged barely 20 years old, was twice parachuted into France to form and command a group of resistance fighters (code-named PIMENTO).

Despite being badly hurt during his second parachute jump into enemy-occupied France, Tony and PIMENTO were to prove a highly effective team. A full account of Tony’s extraordinary war including his capture, interrogation and his role in hindering the Das Riech SS Panzer Division as they attempted to deploy to the Normandy beachhead during Operation Overlord can be found in the book Saboteur: The Untold Story of SOE’s Youngest Agent at the Heart of the French Resistance by Mark Seaman.

Today Pimento Connection continues the nod to Cliff’s friend and hero Tony, who showed such bravery and determination at a very young age. You can read more about Tony’s adventures in ‘Saboteur’.