Have you got tickets for the first time? Are you going back to your own personal camping spot you’ve had since 1971? Or are you going to put your tent up in the garden and watch it on the telly?

For most of the year, Worthy Farm is just your typical working farm, complete with mooing cows and all the usual agricultural hustle and bustle. But in June after the Summer Solstice, all that farming business takes a backseat and makes way for a kaleidoscopic explosion of pure brilliance.

The lush green fields (usually dotted with Friesians), transform into a sea of people all there for the collective reason: the music, the jaw-dropping performances and freedom with memories that will keep them going for months afterwards, and reminiscing about for years to come.

So have you ever thought how your career is like the Pyramid Stage?

Just as this enormous structure stands tall and captivates the crowd, the same could be said of your career. This too requires a strong foundation of talent and dedication to attract the attention of future employers in your chosen field (although probably not one with cows and grass).

In much the same way as the Pyramid Stage unites people through music. a successful career brings individuals together, creating connections and harmonising collective goals.

This is exactly what the ‘Pimento Pyramid Stage’ could do for you (who wrote this?)

Here is the opportunity to showcase YOUR CAREER and YOUR EXPERTISE to an expectant crowd of Hiring Managers just waiting for their socks to be blown off by YOUR OUTSTANDING TALENT. All you need to do is send us your CV.

Maybe you’re going to Glastonbury to re-evaluate.

Embarking on your Pimento Partner Journey will give you access to stage-Worthy talent that will ultimately, enable your business to reach its pinnacle and be the headlining act in your industry.


Published On: June 28th, 2024 / Categories: Blog /