Just this week, our very own mischief of magpies in the Silver Birch at the back of Pimento HQ started to fledge. We’d seen them build the nest in bare branches over the last few months and finally yesterday, one tiny bird appeared bouncing on a twig, stretching his wings, learning to fly.

At one point he plunged into the hedge next to him but came out flapping and chirping with pure determination and succeeded to land on something much less wobbly.

So how does this relate to being #opentowork and #hiring?

Well, you see, each bird species boasts its own unique recruitment strategy:

The charismatic peacock, with its flamboyant plumage, relies on flashy displays to attract potential mates (and employers alike). Its meticulously crafted nest becomes a symbol of its impressive CV, catching the eye of onlookers.

Meanwhile, the diligent penguin showcases teamwork and collaboration as it pairs up with its partner to construct a cosy nest together. These birds understand the power of networking and recognising that two beaks are better than one when it comes to tackling challenges.

Not to be outdone, let’s not forget the bird of paradise, with its extravagant courtship dances. Its vibrant, choreographed performances serve as a reminder that in the recruitment dance, standing out from the crowd requires a unique blend of talent, charisma and personality.

In this feathery saga, birds teach us valuable lessons about resilience, adaptability, collaboration and determination.

So next time you are outside, look up at the trees. Take a moment to reflect on the quirks and parallels between the nesting birds’ feathered pursuits and our human quest for professional fulfilment and who knows, you might just find yourself inspired to spread your own wings and soar to new career heights.

But if you find yourself plummeting at any point, contact us and we will support your swift return to the branches of opportunity.

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