Only this week we have encountered good (exceptional actually) and really (really) bad customer service in just one morning.

Outstanding customer service – is it really that difficult?

Picture walking into a coffee shop with Baristas who genuinely want to know how your day has been, anticipating your order, getting it correct, presenting you with your coffee, tea or mocha and paying for it as a random act of kindness.

On the flip side, imagine queuing for 20 minutes, receiving a lukewarm cup of disappointment from staff who seem like they’re trying to qualify for a place in the indifference Olympics, spilling your drink onto your tray, having to fight your way through a disgruntled crowd to find a clean table.

How would each experience make you feel?

Now, what are your thoughts and what have your experiences been with Recruitment Agencies?

Traditionally this industry tends to get rather bad press so how have we at Pimento Connection never had to deal with this?

Firstly, being Veteran owned and having been presented with the Silver Defence Employer Recognition award, we are confident that our commitment to those resettling from the Armed Forces are given the committed support and guidance needed to embark on second or third careers into roles either within or beyond the Defence arena.

Similarly, our commitment to the candidate experience extends to anyone who applies for a vacancy, whether they have a Defence background or not. All experience is welcome and we always go the extra mile to ensure we provide an exceptional service to anyone looking for new opportunities.

Our consistently high standards are also reflected in our Private and Public Sector customers who return to us time and again to fill niche roles. We are professional, open and honest. Feedback shows this is appreciated and the difference in how we operate is always commented on.

Customer service doesn’t have to be bad or ugly.

We know that going above and beyond expectation is crucial in this (and any) service industry.

Exceptional customer service is imperative and can only be achieved when we realise that we are just one human being communicating with another.



Silver Defence Employer Recognition Award

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