Recruitment Agencies and chess pieces may seem like an unlikely duo, but we have more in common than you think.  Just like a King, Queen, Bishop or Knight – Recruitment Agencies like Pimento have unique roles to play in helping candidates conquer the job market and become a champion in any profession.

We may not have the fancy jewels and gold of a real crown, but we do have the connections to help you become a leading and integral component of your chosen industry.

With our vast network of employers, we will make sure you stand out from the competition and showcase your skills and expertise like a strategic chess move by carefully planning and using our well-honed strategy in place to find the perfect job match.

We expertly source employment opportunities to fit your skills and career goals like a crown crafted to fit the head of a Monarch.

We will help you elevate your career prospects and achieve your professional aspirations, making you feel like a winner in your chosen industry.

So, if you want to checkmate the job market and reign supreme in your profession, working with an award-winning and 5-star recommended Recruitment Agency like Pimento is the way to go.

Just like the King, why not stand on the board, put on your crown and let us help you make your next strategic move into a job you really enjoy?

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