It is fairly safe to say that most people don’t ask friends and family for personal reviews on recent actions and some might say that is a bit of an odd thing to do!

However, in the workplace, it’s common to undergo a regular 360 review.  A performance evaluation that collects feedback from colleagues, managers and customers. Whilst it can be daunting, the varied feedback can provide a well-rounded perspective that supports objective and fair performance management.

The process often culminates in a 1:1 with an opportunity to discuss outcomes and objectives for the next few months ahead. Quite often we are reluctant to start the 360 review process, but because it is coordinated in the workplace setting, we go through the motion of completing the forms and having the meetings.

As a business owner, asking for reviews from customers can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but is it really that different to a 360?

There are several reasons why we might hesitate to ask for feedback, such as the fear of imposing or awkwardness with a new or existing customer, uncertainty about what the customer might say and how to respond to a negative review.

Despite these concerns, we live in a world full of opinions and evidence, and it has become standard practice to Google businesses and products (and people) and read reviews before making a purchase or engaging with a service.

Therefore, it makes sense to increase the number of your reviews and testimonials to provide potential customers and colleagues with a better understanding of your business.

Highlighting positive reviews and testimonials to potential customers can also help grow your business. So it is essential to get into the mindset of asking, responding and acting upon feedback to drive growth and create positive change.

We at Pimento Connection have a Google My Business page with many 5-star reviews, and showcase these on testimonial pages on our website. We are getting better at asking for feedback and thoroughly enjoy reading the comments.

So grab your trainersjump over that hurdle and ask your customers today for a review.

Be proud of what people say about your business and you might be pleasantly surprised at where a good testimonials page could take you.

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