How often have you instantly connected with someone during an online meeting, despite not having spoken before?

Whether through shared humour, wit, or professional interests, positive connections can occur in various ways. You can often tell instantly if you click with someone and if you share common ground, whether professionally or personally.

In 2024, virtual meetings offer opportunities for genuine connections, even with the occasional interruption from pets jumping into view!

This is why initial video interviews are often a fantastic way for a Hiring Manager to get to know a candidate before inviting them to the office for in-person meetings. Recruiting is all about matching candidates with businesses and making people feel at ease.

The key to success is being genuine.

Despite all of this, people and companies are still reticent about working with ‘a recruiter’ because of the age-old misconceptions that ‘we’ are disingenuous and solely profit-driven.

But here’s the thing. There is no contract tied into having a phone call, a Teams meeting, or a discovery conversation with me or a candidate. It is a chance to explore opportunities on both sides.

Initial video interviews provide valuable insight into candidates before in-person meetings, emphasising the importance of authenticity in recruitment.

Yet the inflexibility of Preferred Supplier Lists (PSLs) creates barriers so why not review them more frequently and with greater flexibility? Imagine the potential of a genuine Recruitment Partner offering tailored solutions beyond the limitations of the PSL…

It’s time to reconsider how we view Recruitment Partnerships – with a fresh perspective and openness to new connections, which could ultimately lead to better outcomes for both candidates and companies.

Schedule a Teams/Google/Zoom meeting with me to discuss several impressive candidates without commitment.

And who knows, my cat might make a cameo appearance on screen, (she’s quite the entertainer!)

Caroline, CEO


Published On: May 30th, 2024 / Categories: Blog /