Let’s face it, every day junk mail arrives via your letterbox and goes straight into the recycling bin.

Does the same happen with unsolicited (and solicited) CVs that you’re sent from recruitment companies who are either on your PSL (or are trying very hard to be?)

The definition of junk mail is ‘unwanted or unsolicited advertising or promotional material received through the post or sent as email’. Or ‘something that advertises products and services and is sent to people although they have not asked to receive it’.

There’s a fine line between spamming via email or physically posting junk mail through a letter box, and hitting just the right tone and approach that makes someone want to read or listen to what you have to say.

JUNk mail and JUNk CVs: UNsolicited – UNqualified – UNrequired – UNnecessary

Junk mail: the one thing that makes you feel popular whilst simultaneously annoying you beyond measure!

Our approach? Well, we try to do things differently here at Pimento, with carefully crafted genuine approaches (that we hope), are well received. The logical (and only) way to contact someone regarding a high calibre candidate is to be honest right from the start.

Judging by the reviews from customers and candidates alike, we are a company you can entrust with your hiring requirements. We want you to enjoy the whole process with people who are enthusiastic about your business and your vacancies.

Working seamlessly with (or without) existing Talent Acquisition teams we enhance the recruitment process for any size customer and company.

From the moment our customers sign with Pimento, they are quickly enlightened as to how the recruitment process should (actually) work and it often gives insight into the companies on their PSL who are not doing it this way.

And it is for this reason, our customers return time and again with more vacancies to fill.

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