(Maybe you’re poised to delete this…!)

Just when you think you’ve cleared all your messages, the email and LinkedIn inboxes fill up again with a combination of….

Messages you are waiting for
Messages you don’t want to answer
Messages you didn’t ask for

In today’s warp-speed business environment, our inboxes are teeming with emails vying for our attention, but it’s not just about having the time to respond; it’s about making the time count and quick responses are the currency of collaboration.

Yet, the reality is, time is a luxury we often can’t afford. The constant influx of messages can feel overwhelming, tempting us to hit delete instead of reading each and every one.

But within this chaos lies an opportunity to redefine our approach.

Responding promptly doesn’t mean instantaneously crafting a novel, it’s about politely acknowledging receipt, setting expectations and managing deadlines. Quality still reigns supreme, even in the age of digital speed.

Crafting your responses with brevity, clarity and purpose will cut through the noise to deliver impactful messages. But remember there is (almost always) a human being on the other end of the message so it’s important to be kind.

Taking the time to say ‘thanks but no thanks’, even if you don’t really have a moment to read the message from start to finish is important.

We are all human, so sending a message and receiving no response can be demoralising, especially if you are part of a marketing team trying all avenues to build the visibility of a business, of any size.

So as the clock ticks with ever-increasing demands placed upon us, taking a moment to understand the essence of an incoming message ensures your response hits the mark.

Instead of automatically deleting the message, let your response be an impressive sign of efficiency and professionalism, demonstrating that you are navigating the digital wilderness with purpose and compassion.

In this ever increasing inbox jungle, time is a scarce commodity, but the strategic use of it can set you apart from all the others, who continue to ignore and delete multiple messages without giving thought to the person who sent them.

Consider replying as often as you can….

After all, t’is the season of goodwill to all.


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