Are you a runner?

Does Parkrun shape your weekends? Are you half-way through CouchTo5K?

Or have you until now, resisted putting those trainers on?

It may sound strange, but have you ever considered that running and your career could share surprising similarities?

  • Both demand dedication and personal effort
  • Setting and achieving goals is vital
  • Clear objectives established
  • Input is needed to succeed

Facing challenges head-on fosters growth and resilience: whether you are running whilst navigating potholes and rogue squirrels, or if you are busy driving business growth, acquisition and sales; they both require the same level of dedication.

Consider the following:

Set Goals

Just as the #C25K program sets incremental fitness goals, a career can benefit from setting short-term and long-term objectives to progress and achieve success. Make sure you have a mentor or Line Manager who will give you the support to set achievable goals.

Be Consistent

#C25K emphasises consistent training and improvement, which you can apply to your career as well. Regularly honing skills, staying updated and being dedicated will all contribute to your personal career growth.

Find your Resilience

Facing challenges in business builds resilience. Similarly, navigating your way through setbacks in a career such as job rejections, sales negotiations or tough projects, reinforces your ability to bounce back and persevere.

Running is also built on resilience.

Manage your Time

Balancing a run schedule highlights the importance of time management and this is true also in your career. Managing time efficiently enhances productivity to enable you to achieve and succeed as well as create an effective work-life balance.


If you are using the #C25K training programme you will know that this encourages learning about fitness and health. Likewise, being open to learning in a career, whether through continued professional development or new experiences, broadens your professional skillset and knowledge.

Establish a Support System

Many people who run find motivation and support by pairing up with a run buddy. So apply the same to your career: think about building a network of senior partners, colleagues or friends in similar industries as they will offer support, guidance and encouragement.

Celebrate your Milestones

Hitting any personal milestones warrants celebration! In a career, acknowledging and celebrating achievements, promotions, hitting sales targets or completing significant projects can boost morale and motivation. If you are a new runner and you’ve succeeded in staying upright for the first 8 x 60-second runs of C25K then that too requires a huge celebration!

Discover Endurance and Growth

As a new runner quickly develops strength and endurance, a career journey also involves continuous growth, adapting to change and the ability to embrace new opportunities.

See if you can draw valuable parallels to fuel your professional development, to enable you to lead a fulfilling and successful career for many years to come.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about taking up running….well, just go for it.


Published On: July 20th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /