It’s holiday season and if like us, you’re opting for a UK staycation you might just be in for a treat.

A holiday in the UK just isn’t complete without a cream tea. So whether you choose to enjoy this British staple watching the world whizz by in a UK city; or relaxing in a quiet café surrounded by mountains in the Lake District, there is usually always the same debate: cream or jam first?

Being different is good, and the way you run your business and hire new talent is also unique to you.

Individuality is key.

This is why we all like our scones created in a unique way and this is why the jam/cream thing always sparks a lively discussion!

So let’s say your business is the scone.

What is most important to you when looking at CVs and applications? Is it the jam (culture & values) or cream (skills & qualifications)?

  • The Devon Method: Cream first, then jam. The skills and qualifications on a CV may be considered first, with culture and values second.
  • The Cornwall Method: Jam first, then cream. It may be your aim to look for positive attitude, cultural fit and values first, over skills and qualifications.

Looking for that unique a candidate who aligns with your organisation’s values and who has a cheerful outlook could be the ultimate starting point.

The key to a successful business is finding the right balance between skills and cultural fit: the cream or jam to your scone.

But much like enjoying a tasty cream tea on your holls, finding an exceptional employee really does involve combining the best of both. The cream of skills and the jam of values will ultimately contribute (in whatever order you like), to create a winning combination.

Essentially, whatever you add onto your scone (your business), in whatever order you prefer, the outcome should still be the same: Finding that extraordinary new team member with the experience and ability to propel your business forward.

So, the recruitment process really should be as enjoyable as sitting in the sunshine surrounded by an extraordinary landscape.

Oh, and if you need help deciding which order the jam or cream should go onto your scone, give us a call.

(We are rather partial to a cream tea ourselves).


Published On: July 27th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /