Listening to music can be a powerful tool to aid productivity.

Studies have shown that music can help reduce stress and improve focus, allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, music can help create a positive and motivating work environment, helping to boost productivity and staff morale.

This does of course depend on the type of job you have, but with a vast number of us working remotely such as on the train, hot-desking in offices and in cafés, the inventor of the earbuds has to be applauded!

We are great believers in enjoying work, and if this means listening to the radio or a playlist then we are all for it. We did have a little debate in the office about the type of radio stations that were being played here at Pimento HQ and discovered we all liked something different and so……the creation of the #hellopimento playlist was put into action!

A mixture of tunes we all love that we can play in the office and everyone is happy (no radio adverts is also a bonus). Output has increased, mood has brightened and we are all learning to tolerate the odd bit of singing along…

We have made the playlist public so we welcome your collaboration – have a look at the tunes already in our ‘set’ and add your favourites.

Maybe you could introduce this idea into your office or work space?

Or simply put the earbuds in and enjoy the music.

Have a great week and have a listen to find out more about how Pimento got its name.

Published On: March 23rd, 2023 / Categories: Uncategorized /