In our office, amidst the hum of productivity, phones ringing and friendly chatter, there are two powerful reminders up on our walls for us all to see.

They give us a bit of a kick up the bum, especially on those days that are more challenging than others, and our visitors always smile when they see them.

Recruitment isn’t an easy industry to be in, but here’s the thing: being real, being honest and showing integrity earns us trust.

Maybe it’s the words on the wall that ignite our drive to excel, or maybe its simply ingrained in our company ethos and DNA.

Mediocrity? Not on our watch.

We believe in setting the bar high, pushing our limits, and consistently striving for excellence.

We roll up our sleeves, confront challenges head-on, and refuse to let setbacks hinder our progress. As strategic talent acquisition SMEs, we understand the importance of action and celebrate our achievements as a result.

GET (sh)IT DONE’ is more than just a slogan framed on a wall.

Success in the recruitment industry requires more than just talent sourcing techniques; it craves a positive mindset.

Having these words on the wall in the office reminds each of us that achievement is purely about the daily choices we make, the habits we cultivate and actions we take.

These posters serve as constant reminders to lift each other up, foster growth and celebrate successes collectively. Together at Pimento Connection, we are an unstoppable force, capable of achieving greatness beyond measure.

What motivates you at work?

Today you have the opportunity to embrace excellence, answer the call to action and adopt our company mantra to GET (sh)IT DONE.

Go for it.


Published On: May 2nd, 2024 / Categories: Blog /