It is true that company and personal values often share similarities, however whilst these are important, they often serve very different purposes.

Company Values are often…

  • Created, shared and required by all employees and stakeholders of an organisation to adhere to at all times.
  • Established to create a common set of beliefs and behaviours that align with the company’s mission and goals.
  • Shape company culture and guide decision-making.
  • More focused on specific outcomes and behaviours, such as delivering quality products or services, operating with integrity, promoting diversity and inclusion and focus on a very specific outcome: to generate profit.

Personal Values tend to be…

  • Unique to each and every one of us.
  • Shaped by our family, experiences, relationships and beliefs.
  • A reflection of our character and help guide our personal choices and actions.
  • Typically more broad and encompassing such as honesty, compassion, respect and kindness.

Do your values increase the true value you offer as a business or as an employee?

Our customers come back to us time and again simply because our core values bring significant added value and we believe this is crucial on both a business and a personal level.

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