Communication is essential in order for people to engage with each other in person or online. If a subject is relatable, it makes it easier to form social or emotional connections, and it is these connections that facilitate effective communication.

Take LinkedIn for example

When you share content, stories or insights that are relatable to your audience, you are more likely to connect on a personal level. This connection fosters a sense of authenticity, trust, and shared experiences which can lead to meaningful professional relationships.

Relatable content on LinkedIn often sparks discussions, resonates with connections, and can even open doors for collaboration and networking opportunities.

So, what if the question, poll or statement you post on LinkedIn doesn’t get the interaction you were hoping for?

If you met someone at a networking event and you told them about a significant change that was happening in your business or if you asked for advice, it would be natural for that person to reply, ask you a question about it, or say something encouraging.

BUT, if they walked away without acknowledging what you had said or answer your question would that be acceptable?

Have we all got into the habit now of forgetting we are interacting with people and not just assuming it is an AI chatbot?

It is (generally) a person at the other end of a good news post.

It is (hopefully) certainly someone with feelings on the other side of a connection request or InMail.

In a face to face situation we can read body language, adjust our comment to suit a situation and create a personal connection. With a screen and keyboard this doesn’t happen quite so much.

LinkedIn is fantastic for making connections, but it takes hard work to retain them and maintain interest, so…

How often do you say something encouraging or insightful on someone else’s post?

How often do you respond to messages or comments?

How important is this to you?

Should we all take more effort to engage?

Or are we all just too busy to respond?


Published On: October 26th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /