This week, we conducted a #LinkedIn poll to determine if hay fever is causing any issues for job seekers.

Surprisingly, a whopping 70% of respondents claimed that sneezing has now become a new key achievement on their CV! A few mentioned keeping eye drops in the fridge to work their magic and some voted that they have even contemplated working at Kleenex for the discounted tissues or the chance to invest in shares.

Meanwhile, the lucky 30% who reported having no issues during the pollen season got us thinking:

  • Is there a higher percentage of job hunters who find the job search process just as irritating as hay fever?
  • Is there a lower percentage of people who breeze through both?

Searching for a new opportunity can sometimes leave you with itchy or watery eyes from reading countless job descriptions; exhaustion from repeatedly copying the content of your CV onto yet another online form and a scratchy throat from speaking to Agencies who promise the next job for you is just around the corner.

AND…Just when you think you’ve found the perfect opportunity, you stumble upon irritating aspects of the job you weren’t told about. Cue more emails flooding your inbox with pointless opportunities that frustrate you to no end.

So what’s the solution?

Hay fever can often force you to adjust your plans and routines to cope with unexpected symptoms. In much the same way, job hunting demands flexibility as you navigate different industries, locations and application processes.

Just as some seek the perfect relief for hay fever symptoms, finding the right job requires a similar self-care approach (without you having to lay in a dark room with sunglasses on).

So, dust off your CV (try not to sneeze) and send it to us here at Pimento. We’ll give you a quick call to discuss what you’re looking for and put you in touch with our customers who need someone with your skills and expertise.

Who knows, by engaging with us, we could be the highly effective ‘antihistamine’ you have been looking for to address your job-hunting irritation for good.


WARNING: Sending your CV to other recruitment agencies may cause drowsiness. Aways read the label.

Published On: June 15th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /