We all have a responsibility to do good things for our environment

One we at Pimento Connection are proud to be championing throughout 2024, is planting more and more trees.

We are partnering with The Woodland Trust, so for every successful placement we make for you, we will plant 1/4 acre of trees in your company name, to thank you for your business and reduce our carbon footprint.

If you’d like to be involved, receive a certificate, map of your trees and know that you are contributing to improving our UK woodland, then simply tell us about your vacancies and instruct us to start.

It could even result in a team day out to visit the woodland, which will boost your corporate sustainability too.

We’ll endeavour to continually find you exceptional candidate profiles to review and offer out to, and as a result plant 1/4 acre of trees for you, time and time again.

Track the positive impact ­čî│