A problem needs a solution…


We understand how tricky it is to find the right person to join your business. Putting your trust in someone else to find that solution is huge, and we get that. So it is for this reason that we want you to know we understand:

#1 The logistics of growing your team can be a bit of a headache sometimes

#2 It can be time-consuming to write a job description, find ways to advertise for minimal expense and manage the huge flow of CVs and phone calls from applicants

#3 It can be almost impossible to find the time to sit and work through the myriad applications to (hopefully) find someone who meets your business needs

So here’s the solution:

  • Our AI automation matching software pinpoints candidates that an ordinary search will not discover. Our network and community of candidates is ever-growing and moving in all directions.
  • Our candidate attraction methods are tried and tested, we are responsive to candidates and keep in touch with the several thousands of them who have registered their CVs.
  • Our reach into the candidate pool is deep and wide.
  • Our candidates bring expertise in many different sectors, some have an Armed Forces background, some don’t – but what they ALL bring is a quality and commitment level that any business owner would be keen to explore

Our customers and candidates have a lot to say… check out our reviews page for more reasons to choose Pimento 

Are you too busy to recruit new members to your team?

Have limited time to run a full recruitment campaign?

Have gaps in your team that need filling quickly?

Do you need additional staff to support business growth in 2023?

Our customers return time and again trusting Pimento to source talented candidates to fill niche positions and support their business growth year on year.

The solution is here…

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