Why is getting onto a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) sometimes more difficult than breaking the Da Vinci Code?

Pimento Connection has been operating very successfully for over 17 years. We are very good at what we do and we, like most successful operations are striving to “Carpe each and every Diem”.

It is clear there are occasions when the providers on a PSL are not providing.  Surely the list should be of Preferred Suppliers rather than Only Suppliers otherwise it would be called an OSL.  When was the last time you reviewed your PSL?

The UK needs to embrace a more flexible and agile business model and it has never been more important to do this than now.  COVID and Brexit are hurdles that we are all facing, let’s open up the economy by embracing the niche smaller yet rapidly growing and passionate companies that strive to work honestly and most importantly, perform.

Now, the former and perhaps serving military reader will understand that calling for fire support is not a sign of weakness but rather a sound tactical move so:

  • What is holding you to your PSL?
  • What stops you from listening to alternative companies to see what they can offer?

The PSL needs to be fluid and adaptable to change.  Pimento is that change.  Open up your PSL to Pimento Connection for the opportunity to see the improvement that can be made to not only your business growth but also to your PSL.

Our aim is of course for our business to grow, yet on the same level, it is our aim for your business to grow.  If you call for fire support we will support you: out of ours or Monday-Friday, whatever is required.

From security cleared candidates liaising up to C-Level to Graduates: the unicorn candidate, the needle in a haystack.

We have the golden apples to attract that unicorn, we have the magnets to seek out that needle.

So, what are your ideas for breaking your PSL?

Say hello@pimento-soe.co.uk or comment below.  Why not start by highlighting the confinements of a PSL and then perhaps have a re-think about yours.

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