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We will add value to your business. Pimento Connection will always give you the best possible candidates to review. Our candidates are often former Officers from the Armed Forces who will bring additional qualities to your company but we also have many candidates who do not have a military background and who also bring fantastic work ethics, experience and a wealth of knowledge to future employers. Be assured that all candidates we put forward to you for your vacancies will be of an exceptional quality.

If you are specifically looking for candidates with a military background please log into our Veteran Connection page.

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Our Ethos

Pimento Connection isn’t just a regular recruitment agency, we go above and beyond to ensure that we fully understand our customers’ business and staffing needs. We regularly make visits to new and existing customers to ensure that we understand company ethos and how each customer operates. Only then are we able to search for and submit suitable candidates that will fit in seamlessly with their existing team. This is something we are very proud to do – we always go the extra mile for our customers and happily operate outside of standard business hours.

Head Hunting

We provide Head Hunting for those niche placements at executive level that you may be struggling to fill. Call us today for a confidential consultation.

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We use an AI matching automation technology and our extensive network to shorten the search time for the candidate you are looking for.

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